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The Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP), being a committed friend and comrade of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela first led by the late President Hugo Chavez and now by President Nicolas Maduro, follows closely the unfolding revolutionary process happening in the great land of Simon Bolivar the liberator. The Bolivarian revolution is not only a great inspiration to the progressive and anti - imperialist struggle in Kenya in particular and Africa in general but also to the forces of peace, social progress and socialism in the world. In this respect, we regard the Bolivarian revolution as our own and identify with it both in words and deeds. This is because the Bolivarian revolution is an expression and implementation of the wishes and aspirations of the exploited and oppressed people and nations of the world. It is the revolution that belongs not only to Venezuela and Latin America where it is based but also to humanity as a whole.

SDP is aware about the preparations for the national elections in Venezuela that will take place in December this year. We know that the preparations of the elections are taking place amidst the sharp class struggles that are part and parcel of life in Venezuela. Even as the government of the democratically elected President Maduro is making preparations for free, fair and democratic elections the right wing and neo - fascist forces are organizing and carrying out hostile activities in  the streets of the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, and other cities and places of the country. The reactionary and undemocratic activities are being organized against the democratically elected government that is committed to the welfare of all the people of Venezuela and to the principles of multiparty democracy. The counterrevolutionary forces that were defeated through democratic elections are opposed to the socialist policies being implemented by the socialist government of comrade Maduro. Given the fact that the Bolivarian revolutionary government respects and exercise the rule of law, democracy and human rights, it allows the demonstration to take place unhindered by the security forces.

However, as the past and present history of the country has shown, the right wing forces that are supported by imperialism led by the United States of America violate the principle of the right and obligations of peaceful demonstrations and activities. Apart from false and vile propaganda against the government, they also resort to acts of violence and terror that cause deaths of people. SDP continues to condemn these inhuman and undemocratic acts of the right wing forces of Venezuela that are being encouraged by imperialism that seeks to restore the old order of neocolonialism and unbridled capitalism in Venezuela at all costs. The counterrevolutionary forces lost to President Maduro and his socialist coalition in free and fair elections. They therefore have no right to prevent the government from implementing its social and economic policies sanctioned by the people of Venezuela with their votes. They must allow President Maduro to carry out the mandate conferred to him by the people of Venezuela that include organizing free, fair and democratic parliamentary elections in December this year.

We reiterate: SDP is aware of the sharp class struggles going on in Venezuela today: between the few rich and the majority poor, the elites and the working class, the former rich landlords and peasants, the exploiters and the exploited, the revolutionary forces and counterrevolutionary forces. After the triumph of the Bolivarian revolution led by former President, Hugo Chavez, the reactionary classes that exploited, oppressed and betrayed to imperialism the majority of the citizens of Venezuela for many years, began to lose their ill-gotten privileges. They are bitter and are using all means possible to return to power, including false propaganda through the reactionary local and foreign media; economic sabotage that include hording essential commodities; crime, violence and terrorism. These reactionary forces are supported by US imperialism and her allies that have lost the power to control and pillage the economy and natural resources - especially oil - of Venezuela.

Comrade Nicolas Maduro who was elected democratically to form and lead the government continues with the socialist policies started by comrade Hugo Chavez. These are policies that have empowered the poor and majority to exercise their right to accrue benefits from the economy and resources of their country. The revolutionary government is implementing progressive land reforms and also educational, housing, health, poverty eradication and social security programs amidst the sabotage of the reactionary forces inside and outside the country. President Maduro and his government are famous for exposing and struggling against capitalism and imperialism not only in Latin America but also in the world. The government that is in power in Venezuela today is in solidarity with all people struggling for a peaceful, just, equitable socialist world order. It is for these reasons that President Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution is being sabotaged and fought tooth and nail by the reactionary forces inside and outside Venezuela. It is also for the same reasons that all progressive and revolutionary forces of the world are at the moment in solidarity with the progressive and revolutionary forces of Venezuela united around the Bolivarian revolutionary government.

SDP reiterates its solidarity with President Maduro, his government and people, as they exercise their legitimate right to govern Venezuela and to implement their socialist policies. We call upon all progressive people in Kenya and Africa to also express solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution at the time when it is consolidating and defending its revolution even while organizing the December national elections.

Past history of Venezuela and also the world has revealed that capitalists and imperialists only pay lip service to democracy and elections. Capitalists and imperialists use all means possible including lies, false propaganda, all manner of corruption, violence and sabotage of all sorts to force democracy and elections to maintain or bring them in power. Capitalists and imperialists consider elections to be free and fair only when they maintains or brings them or their allies in power. It is for this reason that SDP calls upon all progressive and democratic forces in Kenya, Africa and the world to support the government of Venezuela in its efforts of organizing free, fair and peaceful elections in December. We must demand that the people of Venezuela should be allowed to determine their destiny without violence and the interference of imperialism led by the United States of America.

SDP wishes the coalition of socialist parties and movements of Venezuela success in the December elections.

Long live the Bolivarian revolution!

Long live peace and democratic elections in Venezuela!

Long live international solidarity for the Bolivarian revolution!

Long live socialism!

Mwandawiro Mghanga, Chairperson of SDP

14 Mar 2018 14:24

The Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP) and the Kenya Cuba Friendship Society (KCFS) welcomes the State visit to the Republic of Cuba by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. This visit further cements the good relations that Kenya has had with Cuba over the years. For instance, Kenya has consistently over the years, alongside almost all the Countries of the world, voted in support of the resolution to end the blockade that has been imposed on Cuba by US imperialism for the past 55 years. In 2016 Kenya opened her first embassy in Cuba (while Cuba opened hers in Kenya in 2001). Cuba has, [ ... ]

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16 Dec 2016 07:34

On 7th December 2016, Mr. Ezra Chiloba, the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) caused a lot panic and confusion after announcing that all Political Parties and candidates for the 2017 general elections should register with the Commission the details of their Campaign Financing Committee by the deadline date of 8th December 2016 (the following day). Hundreds of Kenyans who think that they might vie for various positions in 2017 hurriedly opened bank accounts and rushed to the IEBC offices where amid great pandemonium, they submitted the require [ ... ]

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Homage to Comrade Fidel Castro; Lessons for Humanity
04 Dec 2016 19:29

As Comandante Fidel Castro’s ashes are interred today (4th December 2016) in Santiago de Cuba, the place where the July 26th rebel movement began its journey to overthrow dictatorship and capitalism, there are many lessons that Kenyans and the whole of humanity can learn from the life of this great legend. He remains a great inspiration to the young people of this country who are disturbed by the ever rising levels of poverty, greed and corruption. In his twenties, Fidel’s conviction for a just society led him into organising two attempts to overthrow the then military dictatorship of Ful [ ... ]

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04 Dec 2016 19:20

by Mwandawiro Mghanga, Chairperson of Kenya - Cuba Friendship Society and Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP)  n this occasion, when we commemorate the passing on of comrade Fidel, I have decide to reproduce the poem that I wrote in Kiswahili about two years ago about him[1]. Yes, Fidel is no longer with us physically but since he died a hero as I predicted (just as many of us did too) Fidel lives on. And because even Fidel was a human being and therefore mortal, we did not expect him to live forever. We needed him all the time but we always knew that like all of us he would one day pass [ ... ]

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